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moll T7 XL

Design for Life

According to moll, design should be functional, enjoyable and long-lasting. The T7 range is hard-wearing and timeless in appearance, with decorative elements that can be changed and adapted later on. Natural materials and clean lines the concept of moll Unique sounds simple but is in fact well thought out with attention to detail and workmanship of the highest quality. moll combines minimalist design with timber to create timeless furniture for the home office. With the T7 XL, moll has created a timeless piece of designer furniture that will be enjoyed for many years. To sit comfortably, you need a desk that can be adjusted correctly to your size. The moll T7 XL is the only desk that can be adapted to fit anyone and any purpose from coffee table to standing desk for adults. The height of the table can be adjusted from 66 cm up to 128 cm. Thanks to the optional height adapter, it is especially suitable for taller users. The power management with built in power points can accommodate up to six devices. The T7 XL offers around a third more work surface than the basic model T7. The height adjustment mechanism requires two hands to operate and can be locked. The motor of the height adjustments stops immediately if it senses any resistance.

Electrically powered height adjustment

The operation of the moll T7 XL is easy and intuitive. With the electrically powered height adjustment, the height of moll T7 can be adjusted with just the push of a button. This child-proof mechanism requires two hands to operate and can be locked and disabled. To prevent injuries, the motor immediately reverses direction and turns off if it senses any resistance. With the built-in technology hidden from view, the T7 seamlessly integrates into the most stylish work and home environments. With a choice of seven different colored inlays, the moll T7 fits perfectly into every home, no matter what the age. The colors are timeless and changeable so that any piece from the moll Unique range can be adapted as taste changes.

Perfect for the home office

Have you noticed that no home office desk has built-in drawers moll T7 is the first range of desks for the home office with an integrated drawer. The drawer fits seamlessly into the overall look of the table. With the push-to-open mechanism, the drawer can be opened by gently pressing against it. Exceptional design The moll T7 was nominated for a German design award even before it came onto the market and proceeded to win the renowned Red Dot Award in 2016. A visionary piece of high precision design, the moll T7 is minimalist with clean lines and made of high quality materials.

Power management

A power management system with cable ducts is integrated into the back of the desk. With multiple power points, it delivers power for up to six devices straight to the desk. Elegant cable outlets guide cables on to the desk and can be modified so lamps such as the Flexlight can be easily attached to the table. The power management system is installed in the factory and comes integrated with the desk. Our mobile cabinet C7 is available in the same colors as the T7. Ma e: Breite: 150 cm Tiefe: 75 cm H he: 56-118 cm   moll C Quality made in Germany!     [the_ad id="4124"]