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MOLL easy FLEX DECK bandit

$826.00 NZD



The Flex Deck for the Moll Bandit ensures practical storage and organisation on the desk. It can store books and notebooks on the shelves with an optional easy memo-set adding a back board and magnetic board. It keeps your desk tidy. and is simply attached to the base frame using two brackets.

The moll Bandit Flex Deck comes standard with 2 shelves with rounded corners. The top shelf had additional angled bookends that are easily attached to the underside of the top plate with screws, the book ends ensure additional hold and prevent objects from falling down. The Flex Deck requires easy assembly, and has an optional easy memo set that can also be attached.

Please note the Bandit Flex Deck is only suitable for the Bandit and does not fit any other desk.


A solid children’s desk provides the basis for an excellent learning atmosphere. The Bandit by moll offers a back-friendly and pleasant working environment with its functions and is perfectly tailored to the needs of adolescents. With its simple and minimalist design, the children’s desk fits into any children’s room. Suitable from the age of 4 to Adult

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