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moll Cubic

the mobile companion for the Champion

Exercise books, pens, pads and books: school life requires many bits of paper and utensils. Cubic offers plenty of storage to keep your desk tidy. The two drawers offer storage up to size A3 and feature a soft self-closing mechanism. The removable cross divider helps to keep the drawers organised. The top drawer includes a utensil compartment for small items such as paper clips and features an integrated secret compartment to keep treasures hidden from siblings or parents. The Cubicmax includes eight interchangeable color accents for the drawer handles. With the seat cushion Pad, the cabinet can easily be transformed into a mobile stool, creating an extra seat for friends or family helping with homework. The fabric cover is easy to clean and available in a range of attractive colors. Especially handy: The Cubic features two castors that can be locked to stop the cabinet from rolling. Dimensions: 43 x 54 x 43 cm moll C Quality made in Germany! The moll seat cushion is not included in the delivery. Decorative elements are not included. [products ids="781" columns="3"]                   [the_ad id="2447"]